World-Wide Flat Rate Shipping. Only 5$ per order!


1. Armattan ships everywhere, world-wide. As long as you have a shipping address linked to your payment, we will ship. We do not ship to addresses that are not linked to your PayPal or credit card. So make sure you have the correct address tied with your payment. We will not accept requests to ship to alternate shipping addresses.

2. Only $5 Shipping.* Whether you order one small set of propellers or five complete builds, the cost of shipping is $5 per order. We are not responsible for customs fees.

3. If you decide to place a second order to add to your first order, the $5 duplicate shipping fee will not be refunded. This is because we take shipping quickly very seriously. Orders are often packed and labeled within one hour after they are received. Adding to your order often means wasting shipping labels and packaging material. As such, shipping fees are not refundable and multiple orders are subject to multiple shipping charges.

4. You will be notified when your order is shipped. If you order parts, shipping usually takes place on the same day or the following day (not including weekends). 

5. The tracking system for the $5 shipping worldwide does not always work very well. It may take a while before the tracking status is updated. Sometimes, it is not updated until after the items are received. But the shipping method itself is highly reliable. The tracking number may or may not be traceable through your own country's postal service. For international orders, shipping time usually varies between 7 and 14 business days. This is not always the case, however. Delays do occur, often due to national holidays. If you do not have your order within 20 business days, you may contact us. But please check with your local post office first, to see if they are holding it due to failed delivery attempt.

6. All orders require signature upon delivery so someone will need to be home when your order is delivered.

Please enter your tracking number here to track your order with 17track.netPlease allow 48-72 hours for your tracking information to be updated.


17track tips&pointers: 


***If you are not comfortable with such terms, maybe consider not placing an order and using other hobby stores that have better, albeit more expensive shipping methods.  Look up our reseller's page, too, as you may be able to order what you need from your own country :) And read about us, too!!! We have a very good reputation and we're very serious about shipping quick and offering the most personalized service in the industry. 


*** Important note for customers in South Africa and Brazil


*It has been brought to our attention that the vast majority of shipments to South Africa and Brazil have been experiencing beyond reasonable delays. As a result, we can no longer offer the 5$ flat rate shipping to South Africa and Brazil. Flat rate shipping is set at $25 for Brazil, and $30 for South Africa. This is for speed shipping. This method takes 3-7 days to reach on average. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


***Important note regarding warranty claims:
As a result of frame cloners, starting September 1, 2017, all warranty claims will need to have proof of purchase attached or else the warranty will not be valid. This rule is valid for the Rooster, Japalura, Chameleon, Morphite 155x FPV and MRP 130 FPV.  These are the 5 frames that are currently cloned and sold out of China. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.