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“Armattan to Ground Control…”

Chasing Weightlessness In Space

scx-200-cobalt-rxr-7-.jpgArmattan continues to push the envelope in the quadcopter space by launching another cutting edge collaboration; this time with Patrick of Space Cowboy Drone Designs. The story of Armattan is an evolution of sorts that has brought constant improvement and response to what the community wants. That trend continues with the new and cutting edge Armattan Lite series of frames. Armattan Lite is being debuted with the introduction of the first Armattan Lite frame designed by Patrick of Space Cowboy Drone Designs.

I have long seen the days coming when balancing lightweight and strength into designs we can warranty forever would not cut it anymore for the top tier pilots. These days, guys build 5 inch setups at sub 50 grams dry weight. When they crash, the frames structure very often fails. The thing is, racers don’t plan to go down. They plan to not see the next guy’s tail lights. For this, every gram counts. Armattan Lite is the introduction of such models to our portfolio. The SCX 180 is the first 4 inch of the Armattan Lite family, and I am super stoked to be collaborating with Patrick. He is knowledgeable, very skilled and passionate about his design work. The proof is in the pudding.“- Chris

The SCX-200 was voted a top 5 racing frame at Drone Insider for the month of April, and the SCX 180 is it’s little (4 inch) brother. With Patrick and Armattan firmly stepping into the upper echelon of racing frames the potential is exciting. Armattan will cater to the top pilots in the world!