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The Armattan FPV Rev2 TILT has all the goodness of the Rev 2 but with shorter clean plates PLUS the new TILT mechanism for better photos/ videos! 

Also designed by Andrew Meyer, this revision packs all the goodness present in the V1 design, only it is greatly improved. 

1- New arms folding mechanism. No tools needed to fold the arms. We use sunk nuts that anchor into the carbon fiber and we use thumbscrews instead of bolts. 

2- New front end GoPro case with TILT mechanism. (hardware is included for both the old and new GoPros). No rubber bands or straps needed to mount the GoPro. We use thumbscrews on that, too. 

3- Landing skids added.

4- Redesigned frame and arms to allow using 8 inch props without the propellers spinning above the center section of the frame. This allows for longer flight time and more efficiency. 

5- Enlarged hole above flight controller covered with a “manhole” plate on which we are also using the sunk nuts. This allows for easy access to the flight controller for things like connecting a FTDI, ESCs, receiver, or programming a KK2. 

6- Now using anodized black, 5x 45mm standoffs. This makes building the model with the frame fully assembled a breeze. Plenty of room for your fingers to solder the ESCs on a DTB, etc. 

7- Improved battery mounting options allowing for a battery to be mounted all the way above the flight controller. This is a huge improvement as it allows tuning the COG(Center of Gravity) perfectly depending on whether you use a small FPV camera, a GoPro, both or none. 

8- Arms options are 258s which is really a 333mm platform (max 8 inch props), or 453 arms which makes for a 453mm platform (max 10 inch props). While the old 258 and 355 arms do fit, they will not fold. The new V2 arms are needed for the new folding mechanism to work. 

9- The front end design allows for easy integration of a front mounting gimbals. 

10- We use better gimbals bobbins. The V1 frame used bobbins rated for 100 grams each whereas the V2 frame uses bobbins rated for 600 grams each. This eliminates the need to use limiters to avoid having the clean and dirty plates separate in a crash.

Just like all Armattan models, this model can be purchased as frame only, DIY kit (kits include electronics and all the hardware necessary to assemble them yourself), or Receiver Ready which is referred to as RXR. The builds and DIY kits come with 2822/1800KV motors and 30 amps, simonk ESCs.

Important Note: We currently only offer the smaller version as DIY kits and RXR builds. The 453 model is too large to ship under our 5$ flat rate for international shipping. Also, we do not stock the larger motors required to run 10 inch propellers on the 453mm platform. If you are only interested in the larger 453 RXR build, you can contact us to discuss pricing.




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