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Armattan brings you the latest in simple and clever designs. The MRP130. 

This model was graciously designed by Florent, and we requested some changes before production. 

The MRP makes use of a very lightweight method to assembling a camera POD. It is designed around the many variations of the hs1177 camera sold at  

This designs incorporates many solutions we think make things easier on builders and pilots alike. It is designed to be used with a micro VTX and multiple antenna options are integrated. It also has the LED integration which is optional. 

This model ships with our mini PDB V2 and allows for a hard mounted XT-60 ot T-Deans to be installed directly onto the PDB. It is designed around 3 inch props (4 inch will not fit), and we recommend the 3030 triblades by RotorX for this model running 1306 motors on 4s, 850-1000mAh. 

Thanks to Florent’s clever design, this model is warrantied from bumper to bumper. All the CF parts on this model will be replaced for free, and for life. 

This model is great for indoor flying or fast proximity flying outdoor as its small size pays off in agility and footprint. 

A massive thank you goes out to Florent, who agreed to work with us in adapting an existing design of his into what is now often referred to as the Armattan MRP 130 🙂  It’s a true honor to have a model in our store coming from a designer who took everything from scratch and came up with brilliant and innovative ways to implement his vision we now coin as “Flo’s Style” among house designers. Thank you so much Flo! 

Have fun fying the little guy! It’s awesome! 🙂 


















All the carbon fiber parts of this frame are backed by the Armattan Lifetime Warranty.