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Also designed by Andrew Meyer, The Armattan TILT Hexa packs in all the same goodies found on the FPV Rev 2 model. Except we have two more arms, two more motors and a whole new experience. Our test pilots are but raving about this model, and the videos make for a very decided testament of this model’s performance. 

This model sports a unique integrated tilting mechanism for the on board cameras. Pilots who are after high speed runs will enjoy having the ability to set the angle of their camera in less than 2 seconds. Likewise, pilots who prefer taking nice footage of scenery will also be able to fine tune the angle of the on board cameras. 

Just like all Armattan models, this model can be purchased as frame only, DIY kit (kits include electronics and all the hardware necessary to assemble them yourself), or Receiver Ready which is referred to as RXR. The builds and DIY kits come with 2822/1800KV motors and 30 amps, simonk ESCs. This model is designed around  6 inch propellers. 


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