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The mini Hexacopter Tilt is an adaptation of the Morphite 180 by Michel Morin. Corporalbadger has also contributed to the design .  This is a lightweight, lifetime warranty 226mm hexacopter. The bare frame weighs 107 grams.  Maximum prop size is 4 inch. Motor mounts are compatible with 1306 motors and 1806 motors.  

The cam TILT mechanism and the Mobius plate are optional. The frame is compatible with the Morphite Utility Plate for guys who prefer to mount their cameras in a similar way they do on the Morphite 180 model. 

Note that the TILT Cam Plate is compatible with 28mm x 28mm cameras such as this one.  It will not fit the 32mm x 32mm cameras.

The DIY kits and RXR models ship with Armattan 1306 motors, 20 amps ESCs, and Mulet flight controller.

And yes, the flight controllers and ESCs are programmed to run Oneshot.   







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