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The F1 Acro 355 is a beast of its own. Fully assembled, this frame weighs 157 grams.

We fly this one with 8 inch props with a good 3s battery. LOTS of power. This model allows a pilot to get a farther range flying line of sight because of its larger form factor. Great for guys whose vision isn’t the way it was 40 years ago 😉  

For this model, we use blheli ESCs running dampened light and the F1FC flight controller running Oneshot. These models are programmed using Cleanflight. We do not recommend you connect your model to Baseflight as this may corrupt the firmware. If you prefer to use Baseflight, let us know and we can do that, as well.  

This model can be purchased as frame only, DIY kit or RxR build. The RxR builds and DIY Kits come with 30 amps BL Heli ESCs running dampened lite and your choice of Armattan 2282/ 1800kv motors or Armattan 2208/ 1800kv T-Motors. 











mini-pdb-v1.jpg Mini PDB V1

f1-ipdb.jpgF1 IPDB

f1fc-integrated.jpgF1FC Integrated


All the carbon fiber parts of the F1 Acro 355 are backed by our lifetime warranty.