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The F1-5 Acro is a house favorite for acrobatics. Big enough to see well, yet small enough to be nimble and very fast. It measures 213 mm motor-to-motor.Fully assembled, the frame weighs 115g.

The arms on this model are 5mm thick. However, we are using state-of-the-art milling machinery and some of the most innovative designs which enables us to mill cut-outs into the arms to allow more strength while retaining less mass.

For this model, we use Little Bees ESCs running dampened light and the new F1FC running Oneshot. These models are programmed using Cleanflight. We do not recommend you connect your model to Baseflight as this may corrupt the firmware. If you prefer to use Baseflight, let us know and we can do that, as well. We can also include a KK2 board instead of the Mullet flight controller with this model. It is compatible.

This model can be purchased as frame only, DIY kit or RxR build. The RxR builds and DIY Kits come with 20 amps FVT LittleBee BL Heli ESCs running dampened lite and your choice of Armattan 2204/ 2300kv OEM Motors, Armattan 2204/ 2300kv T-Motors, Armattan 2282/ 1800kv OEM Motors or Armattan 2208/ 1800kv T-Motors.



f1-5-acro-frame-1-.jpgF1-5 Acro Frame with Integrated PDB



acro-5-arm.jpgUnderside of F1-5 Acro Arm


All the carbon fiber parts of the F1-5 Acro are backed by our lifetime warranty.