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Ever see Bird of Prey fly Line of Sight? Pretty amazing isn’t it? The Armattan Morphite X155 quad is the perfect quad to start learning how to fly like the master. Or maybe you have a RTF brushed motor toy quad that you got for a present, love to fly it but now you have outgrown its capabilities? This is the quad for you! With its pure X design, it is balanced perfectly in all orientations, small enough for backyards, big enough to scream around a ballpark.

badge.pngOn top of it all, this quad is nearly indestructible unlike that toy quad that constantly needs super-gluing the arms back on or ordering a new frame weekly or the motors are constantly burning out. It’s so indestructible that all the carbon fiber parts are warrantied for life! Thats right, you break any of the carbon fiber frame trying to fly like Bird of Prey we will replace them.

We build this quad around 1306/3100+kv motors to be flown on 4″ props with up to a 4S battery but you can fly it on 2S to keep things under control in smaller areas just as well. 

Think you want to learn how to fly FPV one day? Well this quad is upgradable to FPV with the MRP POD that sits right on top converting this into quite a nice FPV X Quad. Trust us, this quad is impossible to outgrow being able to fly in smaller areas, acrobatics, proximity… and with some 20a ESCs and some 4″ triblades, rip around the park effortlessly!

Just watch this video to see what the Armattan Morphite X155 can do! 






$45.00 $40.00