Our Armattan Tadpole Winner!

What better way to celebrate our new frame with a fresh contest for our Armattan members?

In January 2020, we posted our “caption this” contest and boy, did we receive some creative entries. Here’s the photo we shared and some of the captions:

Cody Clemons – This marvelous creation, this fabulous new technology, it deserves a powerful name. Let’s call it a…. frog. No wait, this isn’t mature enough to be a frog. A Tadpole it is.

Scotty Orr – The tadpole’s not the only thing I brought back from the future. Look at this cool controller!

Gary Lawrence – Well looky there boys, life will never be the same….Tadpole and beyond 🚀

Tom Cbd – Primo ‘Marty have u seen the delorian’ 😳

We are happy to announce the winner – Thomas Lilly! He will absolutely love this little yet mighty frame!

Stay tuned for new contests coming soon!