Warranty Claims

In order to process a warranty claim, please send a photo of the frame highlighting where breakage occurs.
Here's exactly what we'll need as an example:

1. Full Name
2. Todays Date
3. Date of Purchase, order number or proof of purchase
4. The issue that you experienced with arrows pointing to the problem area(s)
5. Name of broken part
6. Your Signature

The broken part(s) need to be installed on the frame (no need to take it all apart). Please send pictures of the damage before you take anything apart or else your warranty claim may not be approved. Show us the carnage first, and after that you can take it apart and send pics of individual parts if you'd like. 

Your product photo should have a physical paper note in the same frame containing the six steps (not a digital alteration).

Please also send proof of purchase (if you have it- not mandatory). To file a warranty claim you can email the above requirements to our support address at support@armattanquads.com

***Note that we do not accept photo montage. Putting a picture of a broken part next to a picture of the handwritten note does not prove that the parts are in your possession.  It could be any picture taken from the web. 

For more information about our warranty coverage, please have a look at our FAQs.  

***Important note:
As a result to frame cloners, starting September 1, 2017, all warranty claims will need to have proof of purchase attached or else the warranty will not be valid. This rule is valid for the Japalura, Chameleon, Morphite 155x FPV and MRP130FPV.  These are the 4 frames that are currently cloned and sold out of China. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.