James Bowles
Call Sign: JAB1a



My name is James Bowles, my FPV nickname is "JAB1a", I live in the beautiful south-west of England in the heart of Dartmoor. I am an IT Administrator by day but once I have free time you can always find me flying FPV somewhere or tinkering with quads.

 In this video the flights were done in Bulgaria where I was on a family holiday. In my suit case I pack my trusty Armattan F1-5, I picked this frame as I could rely on the strength of the frame knowing that if my bag got damaged or I had a crash then the frame would still be flyable and I would not need to take replacement frame parts with me. The pure X design also makes it my goto frame for exploring new locations as its flight characteristics are very predicable which helps to increase your confidence which leads to more fun.


How did you end up flying FPV and how long ago did you start?

I have been very interested in anything RC since I was a child, started with RC cars and that lead to an interest in all electronics. In 2011 I watched a video of a guy flying a FPV Tri-copter in and around a warehouse and then chasing his friends RC plane, when he finally flew past himself I was sold on FPV from that moment and started to build my first quadcopter from scratch in 2012. After 4 years of flying FPV I can honestly say this hobby has some of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met. In 2014, I was asked to join a group of RC car racers who had recently started flying FPV on mini-quads and wanted to race them against each other. I didn’t think I could love FPV and be addicted to the hobby more but instead left that day with a renewed passion for the sport

What does FPV flying mean to you today?

FPV flying to me means pure freedom, all our lives we have had our feet firmly on the ground and only now can we experience what it is like to be free as a bird james.jpgwithout risk to ourselves. Being able to explorer the world around us with complete control is an amazing experience I recommended to everyone young or old.


Being sponsored by Armattan is a great honor for me, the company has proven around the world they are at the forefront of FPV frame technology, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of frame construction and design. My current favorite frames from Armattan are the ultra light SCX200 which I recently raced at the 'invitation only' FIA Drone Masters Championship held at the UK largest Airshow at Farnborough and at the ERSA (European Rotor Sports Association) Weston Park Championship. My other favorite is the Armattan F1-5, this frame has proven to be so reliable, the strong construction and true X design makes this frame a pleasure to fly in all conditions and allows you to explore with confidence.


Matt Denham
Call sign: CorporalBadger



Hello everybody, some of you may know me as the elusive CorporalBadger from RCGroups. Here I am in all my glory.... or not!
Anyway I live in the UK (you may well have gathered from clicking this section of the pilots page), in the South East, so yeah in very simple terms thats me!

So heres my favourite video of myself:


So the video above represents the type of flying that I enjoy the most, trying to be smooth with a solid pace. I'm also not a fan of videos that are cut together from multiple shots but more a 1 hit kinda person as to me keeping consistency is of interest to show my true flying. This video is in an area a few minutes cycle from where I live and it poses a great opportunity to progress with my flying but also represents a challenge with all of the immovable obstacles (Trees). This is the testing ground for many prototypes that come my way, more about that shortly!

You're probably wondering how and when I got into FPV.... Well, my history with quads started of with the Armattan CF258 flying line of sight, I got to what I consider a semi decent standard and then I saw a video online in the middle of 2014. I'm pretty sure most people have seen it but its the one called pod racing by the French pilots with LEDS, anyway, I saw this and had to delve into the FPV realms. My FPV ventures snowballed from there and I have been lucky enough to be involved and design multiple products with Armattan, some of you may know my work, some not.
Moving on... what does FPV mean to me - If I'm asked to sum it up then its - "like a real life computer game!" Its not a cheap hobby but thankfully I've gotten to a point where I can fly a lot of sessions as per the video above without breaking more than a prop. Flight controllers seem to be my achilles heel for some reason. In fact I don't ever recall breaking an Arm on a quad, so perhaps I'm not pushing hard enough! But overall it still offers the same enjoyment that it did in day one, although I've calmed down on the addiction to frames and have a select few I love.
- Armattan SCX
- Prototype Battler
- F1 Acro with pod (This was technically challenging for me to design and get functioning but with Chris' help we got it going)!

Lastly I attend the odd race but had backed off recently to enjoy my flying more as I found it getting too serious. I plan to attend a few events in the coming months now that I've got my flying to a reasonable standard again, and am confident that my thumbs aren't shaky.

So yes, the above is a short history and you've now all got a visual of the person behind that mighty mouse designing products that many of you will get to touch. All this is done in my free time when I'm not at work, flying etc. you get the picture!

So long live Armattan, and I hope I'll be around to see it flourish :) because I've been honoured by Chris' support at Armattan and I hope I've helped make a difference to his brand he has built up.