***The new carbon fiber multicopters are amazing - stronger than anything else I have ever flown!  These designs are perfect for hardcore fliers and beginners.  Save your money on buying cheap frames and get something that will last - Armattan!
 From: rexless on rcgroups
 ***Just had to pop in to say THANKS to Chris. I recently received my 355 and finally had a chance to fly it Sunday. First flight was basic hover and getting used to the look of the quad (this is my first quad). Turned stick scaling down a little and put in some expo. Second flight included single and double flips, aileron rolls left and right. Absolutely COOL! This thing is a blast! Chris, there should be more orders coming from my flying buddies soon.
 ***Received my DIY 258 kit from Chris Wednesday night, and I had to get started right away. Everything is very well crafted with this kit and organized. 
***My 399 is awesome. Just as promised. It can go from wild to mild with a flick of the switch. The KK2 board is very easy to adjust. Everything is awesome. It's been raining like crazy here, so I tuned it down, put on stabilization and have been flying around my office and living room. I can tell the power is NUTS. Can't wait to really have some fun.

Thanks Chris!
From: sleepy c,  rcgroups administrator  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=23148164&postcount=153
***Mine flies better out of the box than any big name brand quads I've purchased. The KK2 is easy to adjust thanks to the LCD screen so you can tune it to your flying style at the field, no PC required. Chris sells an awesome machine for the same price as the big name brands "toy quads"!

I liked the first one I bought so much I'm going to order 2 more once he's taking orders again.

Buy with confidence!

***I definitely appreciate all the hard work that you have put in to get all of us who have ordered these fantastic quads. I hope that when you get a chance to rest that you relax and have a cold beer or six. I for one am extremely grateful for your commitment to the hobby.
***Just try and find that kind of service somewhere else, I dare ya.  Out-freaking-standing!
***Chris does an awesome job of the build and also ensures it flies perfectly before sending it to you. You will get a personalised video when it is ready. That alone blew me away. Best customer service in the business.
From: Rob2160 on RCGroups  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29537364&postcount=11879
***armattan quads are the best bet i've ever seen. i only have one for now, but after the first, you could never stop. my cf226 is the best quad i've ever flown, and it is really indestructible love it
From: Luca Biada on RCGroups  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29357968&postcount=17
***Well, I have been flying this quad for a month now, and it can be described a TOTAL FREAKING AWESOME POCKET ROCKET. As for the total noob i was to hobby grade quads, I come from a wltoys v222,wich lacked a bit in power to my taste. The cf 226 DEFINETLY is not lacking in power. The stability is great, and the durability and the agility is just insane. If you want to get as a beginner into the hobby grade quads to, this is definetly the way to go. 
On my first attempt to do a flip, i made a HUGE mistake and the quad smashed into the ground upside down. Damage: only one broken prop, Amazingly this shows the strenght of the build. Second try: everything went smoothly. 
Due to the small size, you can fly almost anywhere, anytime. so if you don't have a large field, no problem. 
Conclusion:A very versatile quad with crazy power and durability, recommended for everyone, beginner to advanced.
Last but not least: MANY thanx to Chris for all the help and support.
From: speederjohn on rcgroups  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29589604&postcount=51
***Let me start by saying this has been a great experience from start to finish. Great product, great customer service. I thank you for the extra time you spent answering all my questions. I am new to this and you made this incredibly easy.
Thanks again
From: Sam Crawley
***Had a email from Chris (Armattan) earlier today. Saying my 3D setup has been built and shipped. Customer service is fantastic ordered on monday built and shipped on wednesday.

Now time to find some 3D props in the UK

From: miskin on RCGroups  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29635339&postcount=12142
***I have had my first flight and can't believe the power and quality of this machine!
Delighted would be an understatement!  Thanks again for both your wonderful customer service and also the quality of your workmanship.
All the best,
From: Geoff Goldsmith
***Last year Blade was blowing out the mQX for $50 so one of those was added to the collection. After some forward flight I quickly learned that the mQX just doesn't have the power needed for some serious flying. Contacting buddy I asked, "What was the brand of those quads you were buying from the guy that was hack-sawing them together in his garage?" Armattan.

Chris has come a long ways from those days. For the latest and greatest, the CF model was a clear choice. This model offers a level of performance which has me constantly pushing the envelope. 5 Days after the CF355 was ordered a V-Tail was ordered too (Rob2160's fault. His videos are way too informative ). Keep in mind the first one hadn't arrived yet.

I can't comment enough on how pleased I am with the aerobatic capabilities of the Armattan. Oodles of power, nimble response and quite durable. I'm very sure a CF226 is going to be ordered in the next couple days....
From: Mr.Dirt on RCGroups  Link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=29731116&postcount=12585
***Also I must say something here about the company Armattan owned by my friend in Taiwan, Chris is a very good person to deal with and his customer relation skills are outstanding, best company I've ever dealt with.Fast turnaround time and great attention to detail. (He even went so far as to include 2 full sets of hard to find 7 inch props with my order).
Great guy! Great product. Two thumbs up to Armattan! 
From: Skysurfer  Link: http://rumblecloud.com/rumblecloudrc/index.php?topic=313.60
***The Armattan CF355 is an unexpected marvel and a real sleeper.  For the price ($275 USD for the receiver-ready version) you’d think you’d be getting what you paid for.  When I ordered mine, I expected a cheap knock-off version of something much more expensive that I could beat up without much wallet-guilt.  I was so wrong.

The build quality is outstanding and the parts-count low.  The carbon fiber frame feels like the highest quality product you’d get from an aftermarket specialty house like Graph Tech (http://www.graphtechrcshop.com/).  I wasn’t expecting such a high-quality product at this price.  The main frame and top-plate have the iconic Armattan ‘A’ laser-cut into them which is a nice touch and to me reminiscent of most other industry-leading high-quality goods.  Think Gucci, Montblanc, or BMW.

All the components are Armattan-branded.  While I’m pretty certain Armattan doesn’t actually manufacture the components, they live up to the brand-promise just like the frame.  Everything is high-performance in function.  The components are exceedingly well matched, and the overall balance isperfect.  My first flight in rate mode required zero trim. 

Its sheer power is jaw-dropping.  Two seconds at full throttle sends it so far away you struggle to keep it in sight.  Full forward tilt in Angle-mode (limits roll/pitch to ~50deg) and almost full throttle sends it off and across the field like a bullet.  The first time I tried this I spent 2 minutes carefully piloting it back at high altitude (I had to infer its orientation from its response it was so far away from me).

The handling raises the bar for all other quads I’ve flown.  It literally ‘floats’ in the air with the motors loafing.  It rolls, flips, and yaws like my Mikado Logo SE500 helicopter, and its little Mullet controller is twice as stable as the vBar on my Logo.  Timecop may have tried to corner the market with the Naze PID controller, but this FC (also running baseflight) is equal or superior.  The quad feels so connected to the sticks it’s like having a mind link with the radio.

Six minutes of flight-time on a 3s 2200mah is the norm, with the batteries coming back cool and at storage level (around 3.83v per cell).  Hovering is almost effortless and requires almost no stick correction, and this thing is quiet!  Compared to my QAV250 (closest quad I have near this size) it whispers airflow and daintily sips current from the battery as if it’s pinky-finger is held out from a fine china teacup.

Take a more aggressive attitude with it and things can get interesting.  It flips and rolls faster than you could twirl a Frisbee.  Running in Horizon-mode (no roll/pitch limit) it will tumble three times in the air before you’ve the presence of mid to let go of the sticks.  And letting go is an almost instant stop/stabilized hover.  After my first couple flights I was doing these sorts of maneuvers less than 20 feet off the ground.

The only thing about this quad that’s cheap is the price.  From the build and component quality to the flight characteristics, this flies like something for which you’d expect to pay 3 times its current cost, and then never put in Rate-mode (no auto-leveling).  And as angry as it can be, backing off turns it back into a kitten that floats and loafs and handles like its reading your mind.

This is a perfect choice for your first quad, or your tenth.  It belongs in every R/C aircraft enthusiast’s fleet.  Regardless of your expectations, you will not be disappointed.

From: Loren Mack




***Hello Chris,

I wanted to write to let you know that I received my quad in the mail today and all I have to say is WOW! This machine you've created is amazing! Everything that I had seen and heard about your product and customer service was confirmed throughput this entire experience, culminating into today's first flight (which was predictably awesome). Your video was very helpful and informative and enabled me to be able to get to flying shortly after I unpacked my shipment from you. I would have been lost without it! So thank you very much for that!


I will definitely be recommending you and your company to anyone else I know wanting to upgrade to a more serious flying machine! This experience has been outstanding from beginning to end!




From: Erick Gustafson


I wanted to drop you a line, and say “Thank you” for the awesome quad! I’ve only been able to fly it a handful of times since I was in Montreal taking delivery of a new business jet for work right after it arrived. The power and stability is amazing! Prior, I built my own cheap quad using a KK2. It does not even compare – the Armattan is my new reference. I have played around with the stick scaling to get it to do flips for me without incident. Your Naze series of videos was valuable with setting it up since I am an intermediate greenhorn. The process of spec’ing, receiving the personalized video and finally getting the machine in the mail was a great experience. Never change that! I look forward to seeing what you come out with next and purchasing another amazing quad from you in the future.

From: Best regards,
Ron Hughes