SRC Bucaneer Switchable VTX with TBS approved Smart Audio

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SRC Bucaneer Switchable VTX with TBS approved Smart Audio

*Micro sized and lightweight
*Authorized smartaudioyou can change the channel and power setting of the VTX using your radio.
*US legal 37 channels with raceband
*0.1mW,25mW,200mW,600mW switchable
*5V output to power FPV camera
*Integrated microphone
30.5mm mounting holes
*MMCX connector 

Input voltage:7-28V
Working frequency: 5.8GHz
Output power: 0.1mW,25mW,200mW,600mW
Current consumption: 0.1mW:45mA,  25mW: 125mA, 200mW:220mA,  600mW:280mA
Frequency range: 5658-5917MHz
Available channel: 37channels
Extra features: SmartAudio, PitMode
Video format: NTSC/PAL
Video band width:6.0 MHz
Audio carrier frequency: 6.5MHz
Antenna connector: MMCX-KE
Port connector:JST-GH,6-pin
Dimension: 38x22x7mm

Weight: 5.75grams excluding antenna and cable

Below is FX877T channel table,unit:MHz

Package includes
1x FX877T transmitter
1x MMCX to SMA pigtail extension
1x power/video cable
    (Locking connector,female JST for voltage in,female servo plug for video and 5V out.)

1x user manual



The use and operation of this type of product in the USA and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your government's rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them. We cannot be held responsible for your actions if you purchase and/or use this product in violation of your government's regulations. By agreeing to our terms and conditions during the check-out process, you also agree to have read and to understand this notice.

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