Japalura 4 Purple -Ready to fly! *Out of stock

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Japalura 4 Purple -Ready to fly! *Out of stock

This model comes with a receiver pre-installed, bound to the radio and ready to fly out of the box.
Please take a look at this page for a custom build in case you find this to be out of stock. Lead time is 2 to 4 days.  


This bundle includes:

- 1407/3850kv Oomph motors

- 20 amps Armattan ESCs

- HS 1177 camera with 2.5mm lens

- DYS F4 FC Pro  with Betaflight OSD

- Mini 200mw Aomway Stubby VTX

- Aomway Stubby antenna

- Gemfan 3035BN Tri-Blade Props 

- Top and bottom foam pads

- XT60 pigtail

- Lipo strap

- FrSky Q X7 transmitter fully programmed with SD card added and voice commands in English.

- FrSky X4R-SB receiver with telemetry hooked up


What else is needed?

- Lipo batteries and a charger, 4S 650-850 is recommended

- FPV goggles