Matthieu "Zai" Bourhis

Team Further 


I have discovered FPV when a colleague showed me Airgonay's video, the first well know FPV video. I directly sent the link to my girlfriend saying to her that I wanted the same thing, as a joke, but she kept it in mind (it was in September 2014). She bought me one for Christmas and I started flying it on January 2015 and never stopped since then.

FPV for me doesn't go without racing. The competition is something that helps the sport go further and permits pilots to be faster and faster. The second aspect is community and this what we are trying to do with Rotormatch, we're pretty happy with the results for now.

 Alexandre "Kireyin" Brispot

Team Further


It was a year ago, Zai was my colleague at this time and he used to talk about it a lot, so I tried and I couldn't help myself to continue. I really love the freedom feeling that it gives.

I have started to go serious about it around 4 months ago - it was first freedom and good time with friends, now it'll also be the will to go further with the Team.

Maxime "Carbon" Brassaert

Team Further


I was in Australia for a year and I started to watch Airgionay's video, its was a blast. I couldn't stop watching the top pilots' videos and I really wanted to do the same, it was in June 2015. I came back to France in August and directly ordered everything I needed. I was searching for a job at this time so I was able to fly almost everyday, that helped me increased my level a lot. Since then, I'm still practicing and like to be on the podium.

FPV flying or racing is a big part of my life now, it means traveling and compete with other pilots. It's always nice to be in an international events with top pilots to see how well you can perform next to them. I still have time where I fly with no pressure but I think that the pressure of the competition is what drives me further.