Chameleon 5 Orange Velvet Edition-Ready to ship! *Sale

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Chameleon 5 Orange Velvet Edition-Ready to ship! *Sale

These models are pre-built and ready to ship. ***Limited quantities. 
They are tested, flown and tuned. Locked in out of the box. Best hurry because we do not put up listings like these often. They will be gone fast. ;) 


- 2206/2300kv Oomph Velvet Edition motors

- 30 amps Armattan ESCs

- HS 1177 camera with 2.5mm lens

- CL Racing F4S All-in-one flight controller

- Mini 200mw Aomway Stubby VTX

- Aomway Stubby antenna

- Cyclone props

- Landing dogbone pads

- Soft mounted FC using anti-vibration grommets

- Lipo foam pad

- HD cam foam pad

- Lipo strap


If you find this product unavailable for purchase, please take a look at the main product on this page where you can make custom selections for your kit or build.