The New Double Dutch: Dquad - Flying and Design Obsession

9th Aug 2017

       Dquad is a rapidly growing, top tier multi-rotor company run by brothers-in-law Davis Helvensteijn and Djon Di Benedetto.  Driven by passion and innovatio … read more

It's not crazy to be RC-Crazed

Posted by P. Smith on 6th Jun 2016

The strongest frames come from Strongsville stateside:Setting the stage: Armattan is experiencing a hard earned, prolific growth, all around the world. Leading the charge stateside are Richard and B … read more

Success on AP- FLEXRC!

16th May 2016

Making success an Armattan Production: Flex RC!Armattan Productions is establishing itself as the premier spot for custom parts and design ideas. The service is championed by a do-it-yourself crew … read more