Antony Cole
Call Sign: Boss FPV


I've been flying RC planes and helis for the past 8 years, and I did a little bit of FPV with fixed wing planes. I originally didn't think much of mini quads as I mostly liked flying scale aircraft, but some friends suggested we start racing mini quads against each other and around September 2015 I built my first quad and even built my own FPV goggles (they were terrible!). But it wasn't until watching Skitzos 'Finally awake' video that I wanted to learn how to fly freestyle.


I love the freedom of being able to fly above and around trees and buildings, and to see the world from a completely different angle. Everywhere I go now, I'm looking to see if it would be a good spot for FPV.


Greg Phillips
Call Sign: Ovaflo




I got started when I was flying a Dji mavic around chasing a friend, trying to race each other in sports mode. I wanted to go faster then what these Quad’s could go, So I went home and started looking on the internet about racing drones.

Before I knew it I was watching the Rotor Riot crew diving buildings and ripping up parks! It was at that point I caught the addiction and started learning as much as I could.

My cheap RTF quad from china arrived at my door on the 28th of January 2017 and I haven’t stopped flying since!
(the quad lasted 2 weeks)


Honestly! FPV means the world to me, the feeling I get from flying cannot be described in words, you just have to go do it for yourself :)