Armattan 2822/12, 1800kv Motor (2-4s) *Discontinued

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Armattan 2822/12, 1800kv Motor (2-4s) *Discontinued

These are the latest OEM Armattan motors. They are the same as the RCX 2822/12 and DYS 2822/12 we have been using for a long time, except they are customized to accomodate the use of a 4s battery. 


  • OEM Armattan 2822/12, 1800KV 
  • Motor size: Ф28*22mm
  • Shaft size: Ф3.175*33mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • KV(rpm/v): 1800
  • Max Power: 180W
  • Max Current: 18.0A
  • Suitable Propeller: 3s battery- up to 8 inch/  4s battery-up to 7 inch
  • Suitable Battery: 2-4S Li-Po
  • Suitable ESC(A): 30A
  • Ri(M Ω): 0.091